Date: 21/03/2019
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The TRUTH about the Polish Independence Day March in Warsaw on Saturday

There is a HUGE problem with the coverage that Poland's Independence day has received in Israel and in the wider west. The usual far-left media, the same media that lies NON STOP about Israel and calls almost any patriotic movement "far-right" has decided to portray 60,000 Poles with flags as Nazis. It's quite clear most Polls are fans of neither Nazis or Communists or any other totalitarian systems (like the EU today).

I walked around 6km across Warsaw on Friday night (the eve of Independence day) and as I walked I saw many people including families arriving in the city and going to accommodation with suitcases. They were all wearing Polish flag hats and scarves.

(photograph from Rebel media) 

I spent a couple of hours with Tommy Robinson and the others from Rebel Media. They stayed and attended the rally. I'll watch THEIR coverage when they post it probably later today or tomorrow. Until then I'm certainly not calling everyone in Poland a Nazi. Especially as I spent a few hours in the Warsaw Uprising Museum - which is all about how the Poles fought back against the Nazis (finally, and too long after the Jews had been exterminated from Warsaw).

I'm sure there are some nasty, Jew hating Poles in that huge crowd but then there are plenty of those at the UK Labour Party conference too! I'm also pretty sure that doesn't define their march. They are proud of Poland! Pride in one's country, just like we have here in Israel on Yom Ha'atmaut in Israel is an absolute ANATHEMA to the far-left who would eradicate all nations in their insane globalist dreams.

So don't fall for the far-left media crap, and I'm very disappointed that The Israel Project (in this example) is pushing this kind of crap out without the necessary thought.

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