Friday, 17 November 2017
Islamic Gender Apartheid: Facts, not Islamophobia

Prof. Phyllis Chesler's new book should be renamed "J'Accuse." And that accusation should be aimed at Islamist apartheid as well as at the Western feminists who justify or ignore it.

Rochel Sylvetsky writes in Israel National News:

It takes courage – although Prof. Phyllis Chesler probably doesn't think twice about it – to decide to raise the level of public awareness on Muslim treatment of women in a period during which any criticism of Islam is immediately branded as "Islamophobia" and some of the people who utter criticism are either in hiding or protected by bodyguards.

Chesler writes that succinctly in her newest book, Islamic Gender Apartheid, Exposing a Veiled War Against Women, launched this week: "One can criticize Judaism, the Jewish State, America and apartheid in South Africa, but one cannot criticize Islam."

Just as much courage is required to expose the false world of liberal feminists who ignore real Islamic Gender Apartheid and reserve the "A" word for lies, lies and more lies that condemn Israel.

Chesler is in a unique position, as this selection of her articles on Muslim women, published from 2005  to 2016, shows. She is truly familiar with the topic due to her own personal experience as a college student who married a Muslim fellow student and found herself in purdah in Kabul. That story is told in the book's opening article, powerful because it is recounted from within by someone with a Western, non-Muslim world view. She is also able to write on the different aspects of the topic objectively due to her illustrious academic career and thorough methods of research.

And she is first and foremost a woman who really cares about women the world over and thus cannot help crying out emotionally about what happens to some of the women she describes. Neither could I, nor will the reader.

Chesler's style is, as usual, flowing and immensely readable, and her way with words makes for interesting reading in addition to the interest created by the topic itself.

She deplores the fact that women living in Islamic countries are increasingly covered in burqas – or "body bags" to Chesler, who also criticizes the limits on what they are allowed to do. Nonetheless, she is fair about the dilemma this raises, because after all, there are Muslim women who want to wear burqas and burkinis and who identify with the restrictions imposed on their lives and appearance. How, she asks, leaving the question open, does one differentiate between "free choice and forced choice" without limiting choice on the one hand and abandoning forced women on the other?  In Western countries at least, she feels strongly that one cannot take a chance and that these total coverings should be banned.

What Chesler makes abundantly clear, however, is what happens to Muslim women who defy that forced "choice". The book includes horrendous and documented examples of deprivation and atrocities, one of the hardest to bear the stoning of a 13-year-old and other helpless women for being raped (in Sharia-ruled regimes, rape is seen as the woman's fault while the men are barely punished, if at all). "A shudder of joy went through the crowd" she quotes from a description of the stoning, evoking the macabre crowds who gathered to witness witch burnings during Europe's Dark Ages.

Honor killings for speaking to a man or other behavior deemed unacceptable to Islam, genital mutilation as a matter of course, acid thrown on the faces of women who do not succumb - this is the way ordinary women in Islamic countries live. It is all in this book, for Western romantics to see. The well worn mantras about "the peaceful, real Islam" are exposed for what they are, certainly when it comes to women.

Worst of all, many of the women are fanatically cruel to their sisters, just as the men are. Chesler, a world-famous expert on honor killings, quotes women in Khan Yunis, Gaza, who declare that "a  woman who makes a mistake deserves to die."  Palestinian women, she concludes sadly, seem to have internalized misogyny - and one cannot blame that on Israel.

When women resisted the hijab they were forced into the blazing sun in Gaza and Chesler's irony is cutting: "Free Gaza?" she asks - "From whom?"

The West does not go out of its way to interfere in a sovereign nation's internal activities, nor does the UN, whose purview it is. Chesler, however, demands one standard of human rights for everyone.

 A particularly shocking article tells of the pitiful young Afghani boys forced to dance and entice the homosexual acts ostensibly banned by Islam. "Neither UNICEF nor Karzai will rescue them," she writes.

However, as Chesler documents, minding your own business doesn't really work in today's global village. Early on, she predicted the slow but steady acceptance and turning of a blind eye to the misogynist aspects of multiculturalism, now that the world is flooded with Muslim immigrants and refugees. Muslims, as opposed to other religious immigrants with similar practices, bring their customs with them to Europe and the USA, she says, tracing the process country by country in Europe, also exposing Islamization in America. She asks - prophetically, as it turns out - "When will the West wake up and smell the bomb?" adding that "the liberal left, Jews included, does not really believe a war has been declared on the West."

Chesler reminds us that Western women have found that when they are in Islamic countries for whatever reason, Muslim men do not consider them off limits – journalist Lara Logan and other victims' ordeals are brought to show that it is, in fact, quite the other way.  America, under Obama, she says, did nothing and actually added fuel to the fire, citing the US sailor who donned a hijab when a US vessel was stopped in the Persian Gulf.   

It is in her analysis of the West's reaction to Islam and the hypocrisy of Western feminists that Chesler is at her most incisive.  The liberal penchant for blaming the period of colonialism for all the ills of the Islamic world leads to her wry remark that "stoning cannot be blamed on colonialism."  She exposes the lengths taken to avoid writing Muslim/Islam  – e.g. 'Afghan' atrocities – although no one is fooled anymore by the word-laundering.

She also shows how uncritical postmodern acceptance of other cultures leads to liberal feminist hypocritical refusal to condemn murders of women of color or Muslim women, defining them as internal issues unless perpetrated by whites, and to their subsequently ignoring that all women, including white and Jewish ones, are created equal. Being pro-Israel precludes one's being a feminist today, it seems.

Chesler laments the demise of a feminism that cared about all the world's women. Today's feminists studiously ignore all the discrimination and atrocities of Muslim women described so thoroughly in this book. They do not demonstrate in support of Yazidi women and other non-Muslim female victims in areas conquered by ISIS. Instead, they are occupied with condemnation of Israel's fictional mistreatment of the few Palestinian Arab women under its jurisdiction in Area C of Judea and Samaria (4% of the Arab population in the region) -  who never had it so good. The other 96% suffer real discrimination in the Palestinian Authority, but that is considered internal and acceptable.

Conservatives, she concludes, are today's feminists, while liberals have become misogynists. And intersectionality means that the Israeli "occupation" leaves no room on the feminist agenda for the evils of Islamic Gender Apartheid.  

Read this book. You owe it to the West and to downtrodden women the world over

Posted on 11/17/2017 5:48 AM by NER
17 Nov 2017
Send an emailRebecca Bynum
Wonderful review!

18 Nov 2017
Send an emailHoward Nelson
The problem is exacerbated by our submission to the dissemblers' vocabulary, misdefinitions and slander of opponents. If not Freedomists, let us at least refer to ourselves as Islammetusics, since the Latin metus refers to rational fear. Islammetusia is our healthful signal of the threat to all non-Muslims.

18 Nov 2017
Post-Chrsitian West
Islam is SUCCESSFUL. Unlike the dying West, it adheres to a Natural Law so that its beliefs are closer to those of Thomas Aquinas than Gloria Steinem. The family structure is strong with a patriarchal structure, not the "single mom" syndrome of the dying West, compounded by tens of millions of abortions, and transgender modifications coupled with psychiatric care and group designations called Affirmative Action. Relatives are more important than relative viewpoints within Islam. It's got staying power, too, as its population climbs towards 2 billion. God help us, as we fall apart as a failed society, eaten alive by too much democracy, too many rights.

22 Nov 2017
Christina McIntosh
The comment by 'PostChristianWest' reveals both despair and a very ugly pleasure in the ugliness that is Islam. The commenter reveals absolute ignorance of the nonrationality/ indeed the antirationality at the core of Islam (this was remarked upon centuries ago, by no less a person than Moses ben Maimon) - its deification of brute force, its sacralisation and celebration of murder, rape (including the 'marital' rape of terrified little girls of eight or nine), enslavement, and armed robbery. William Palgrave defined its 'Theology' as "a pantheism of Force'. If PostChristianWest wants to prostrate himself before *that*, he is welcome to do so; but let him know that in so doing he is adoring and admiring perhaps the cruellest and most destructive Death Cult - indeed, Murder Cult, War Cult, and system of deliberate and extravagant human sacrifice - that has ever burdened miserable humanity. Worse than the Thuggee cult. Worse than the Aztec system of mass murder. He is admiring a cult that anathematises pretty much everything that makes us *human* - our pet dogs, representational art, nearly all forms of *music*. Does he admire *that*?? A system that would silence all music on the planet, forever? Islam, successful? Yeah.. if you regard 'success' as a palace surrounded by a vast slum (in which the inhabitants constantly war upon one another) surrounded by ever-widening and ever-worsening deserts. THAT would be the world, if Islam 'wins'. How wonderful... NOT. Such a victory would be tantamount to humanity killing its own soul and descending alive into hell. What doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? THAT is the devil's bargain that Islam offers its devotees - Total World Domination... at the price of destroying and darkening everything that one might best define as 'the soul'.

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