Tuesday, 19 December 2017
Australia: Sydney-Resident Muslim Charged Over Syria Trip, And the Rest

They ran across him, it seems, in the course of an investigation into money laundering. And he hasn't just done an Excellent Jihad Adventure in Syria; he's up to his ears in all kinds of other socially-destructive activities.  Mohammed was a thug and a crook and so very, very man of his followers are just like him.

As reported by the ABC, which manages to get through the entire article without once mentioning the I-word, the J-word, or the M-word.

"Counter-Terrorism Police Charge Western Sydney Man Over Alleged Syria Trip".

'Counter-terrorism police have charged a 25 year old western Sydney man (sic: "a 25 year old Muslim resident of Western Sydney" - CM), alleging he travelled to civil-war-torn Syria (sic: "Jihad-wracked Syria" - CM) as a foreign fighter.

Hm. They don't tell us whether he joined Islamic State or one of the others among an alphabet-soup array of Muslim jihad outfits in that wretched country.  But perhaps that will come out in the wash. - CM

'Police arrested Belal Betka at his Mount Lewis home yesterday and charged him with several offences, including, "incursion into foreign countries with the intention of engaging in hostile activities".

'It is the first time a person in Australia has been charged with the offence, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

If a Mohammedan is convicted of this offence, the maximum penalty - whether for one holding infidel-country citizenship, or for a non-citizen - should be deportation to the dar al Islam.  Those holding infidel-country citizenship status - which is for such a Mohammedan nothing but a tactical and temporary convenience, since they have nothing but contempt for and hostility toward any non-Muslim sovereign state - should lose it the moment they are caught inciting and/ or enabling and/ or attempting or, worse, carrying out acts of Jihad either within that non-Muslim state or anywhere else. - CM

'Police will allege the man travelled to the Syria conflict zone (sic: jihad hotspot - CM) in March 2015 and returned to Australia in October 2015.

So for two years a "blooded" jihadi has been tooling around Sydney, representing a clear and present danger to every infidel in the vicinity.  Wonderful. - CM

'He has also been charged with dealing in proceeds of crime, and the manufacture and production of prohibited drugs.

So many, many Mohammedans in Australia are up to their ears in every form of criminal activity imaginable; but drugs and fraud seem to be particularly popular.  And they don't do it as lone agents.  Not long after we stupidly imported a lot of Lebanese Arab Muslims into Australia in the late 1970s  and 1980s, we had to create the so-called 'Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad'; and that squad is run off their feet to this day; and the vast majority of arrests that they make are of persons of obviously Mohammedan afffiliation.  And not infrequently - as in this particular instance - there is an overlap with counter-jihad operations.  From a certain point of view, it is possible to see the Ummah as not only as a collection of cultists practicing 'the religion of blood and war' but also as the world's oldest and largest organised crime syndicate.  As former Czech PM Milos Zeman memorably put it at a conference in Europe in June 2011 - "The enemy is the anti-civilisation spreading from North Africa to Indonesia.  Two billion people live in it, and it is financed partly from oil sales and partly from drug sales".  As reported by the 'Prague Monitor" on 8 July 2011 in an article entitled "Former Czech PM Sued Over Statements on Islam".

'The man is scheduled to appear before Bankstown Local Court today.

'The NSW Joint Counter-Terrorism Team - comprising the NSW Police Force, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, and the NSW Crime Commission - said the arrest was part of a money-laundering probe.

Fraud, thy name is Islam. Why did we import this man, or his parents, into Australia?  Got Muslims, Got Jihad.. and also, so often, Got Rape/ Grooming Gangs, Got Human-Trafficking, Got Honour Murders, Got Virulent and Violent Antisemitism, Got Drug Manufacturing and Trafficking, Got Armed Robbery, Got Extortion Rackets, Got Car Rebirthing, Got Welfare Fraud, you-name-it they do it.  What has he cost us already, given his socially-destructive activities, quite apart from his obvious admiration for bloody Jihad?  Give him a heavy jail sentence - but with no special accommodations, and strictly segregated so as to obviate his opportunities for 'prison dawa' - and then... strip him of his Aussie citizenship and kick his backside back to Lebanon or whatever other miserable location in the dar al Islam once housed his family of origin.  And let's not import any more Mohammedans from anywhere.  - CM



Posted on 12/19/2017 2:23 PM by Christina McIntosh
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